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Toad Data Modeler



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Date Added:16 February, 2013

Author: Quest Software

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ToadT« Data Modeler helps you create high-quality data models and easily deploy accurate changes to data structures OCo at a fraction of the cost of many other solutions.

With this cross-platform database modeling software, you can:

Build high-quality logical and physical data models
Compare and synchronize models
Generate complex SQL/DDL
Create and modify scripts
Reverse and forward engineer databases and data warehouse systems
Release notes: New Release
Support for Ingres 10.0:
TE Reverse Engineering
TE DDL/SQL Script Generation
TE Reports
TE Model Verification

Support for DB2 z/OS v.10:
TE New Data types Timestamp(x), Timestamp with time zone, Timestamp(x) with time zone.
TE Period Definition | Business Time Period added in Entity Properties, tab General.
TE Checkbox SECURED added in Trigger properties dialog and Function Properties dialog.
TE INLINE_LENGTH parameter for BLOB, CLOB and DBCLOB data types/dictionary types.
TE Column Names Business Time Without Overlaps edit box added in Key Properties, tab Attributes, and Index Properties, tab Items.

TE New checkbox Append to File was added in What to Generate tab.
TE When the option is checked, the extra code is appended to the original file and nothing of the original file is overwritten.

TE Gallery has been updated and contains new objects.
TE Standard Benchmarks
TE Also new option Add to Active Model has been added in the object popup menu.
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Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64

Tags: data model creator   create database structure   reverse engineer database   data model   reverse engineer   database structure  

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